LNG and Cryogenic applications

Liquid Natural Gas = LNG  plays a more and more important role in the world as an energy source with the lowest atmospheric pollution. For liquefaction the gas has to be cooled down to approx. -160°C (-256F°). As a liquid medium LNG is transported by cargo vessel or tanker truck, and, where applicable, stored in appropriate terminals for draw-off. Cryogenic plants are used for the entire process of recovery, purification, liquefaction and storage of helium and hydrogen. Both in LNG and cryogenic processes, materials are used which ensure high impact strength at low temperatures. Examples for this are materials like 304, 316, 304LN, 201LN, X8Mi9 (9%Ni SA-353, SA-553) and special manganese steel grades. In forming and heat treatment of all these material grades we have established a know-how over many years and supply vessel heads / dished ends for LNG and cryogenic applications all over the world.

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